John M Henderson engineers are currently assisting Tata Steel in Port Talbot on several automation, reliability and  environmental projects. As well as providing manless operation for the existing Locomotives, JMH have been requested to investigate areas like new leveler door and frame cleaners, new hood machine, oven top vacuum cleaner and new charge hole boring tools.

Tata Steel Port Talbot have also requested John M Henderson to assign a JMH coke oven machinery expert to join the operation team at the Morfa coke ovens for an extended period and provide clear understanding of the condition of the existing coke oven machinery equipment and real solutions for how to increase their performance and drastically reduce maintenance and operation costs.

The JMH expert will be part of the Port Talbot team responsible for improving the overall reliability and performance of coke oven machinery and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

The on-site Expert Inspection Service provided by JMH helps coke plants gain a good understanding of the condition of their existing coke oven machinery equipment and offers real solutions for how to increase performance and reliability and drastically reduce operation and maintenance costs. By investigating and analyzing everyday operation of all coke oven machinery and auxiliary equipment, the JMH Experts are able to identify performance related issues and recommend appropriate steps to improve structural integrity and performance and to raise machines’ performance to the required level of operational reliability.