JMH Smokeless Telescopes selected in Korea to replace competitor technology


Hyundai Steel Corporation have awarded JMH an order for Smokeless Charge Car Telescopes to be retrofitted on an existing Charge Car at Hyundai Dangjin Works in Korea.

The JMH Smokeless Telescopes will replace the existing technology, considered by Hyundai as not able to provide adequate environmental performance for their plant.

JMH is working alongside their long-established Korean partner Chungwon Metal Co for the execution and installation of the new telescopes which will be installed in Dangjin next year.  JMH have a long experience in retrofitting Smokeless Telescopes at older coke plants all over the world, the equipment operating perfectly with misaligned charge holes.

Learn more about the JMH Smokeless Charging Cars and where in the world they operate here.

Pictured: JMH Smokeless Telescope