Category: Smokeless Coke Oven Machines

POSCO to install 6 JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners at COB 1 and COB 6 in Pohang

Great momentum for the JMH High Pressure Water Jet Door Cleaners over the past 6 months as POSCO have ordered 6 JMH Cleaners for Pusher Machines and Transfer Cars at Coke Oven Batteries 1 and 6 in Pohang, South Korea. JMH is working alongside its long-established Korean partner Chungwon Metal Co for the execution and

TATA UK Coke Side Dedusting System in Smokeless Operation

A new JMH Battery Pushing Emission Control Solution is being commissioned at Morfa Coke Works of Tata Steel in the UK. The new JMH Coke Side Pollution Control System, comprising of a Dust Hood Machine and a large diameter interconnecting Duct integrated with an existing ground-based Filter Plant, is designed to extract all dust and