Success Achieved: JMH Celebrates First Coke at Posco’s 7.6m Battery 6A


JMH is thrilled to celebrate the achievement of the 1st Coke at Posco Pohang No 6A 7.6m Coke Oven Battery.

This achievement stands as a testament to the remarkable collaboration with our partners and underscores POSCO’s steadfast dedication to adopting cutting-edge technologies for environmental sustainability, unmanned operation, and enhanced productivity.
John M Henderson scope for POSCO COB6 included: 2 Screwfeeder Charge Cars, 2 Pusher Machines, 2 Coke Transfer Cars, 2 Self Driven CDQ Cars including Buckets, one Non Driven Wet Quenching Car, 4 Door Service Cars, one Changing Station, one CDQ Bucket Testing & Maintenance Station, as well as the Manless Operation System and the Machine Coordination System for the two sets of machines.