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Success Achieved: JMH Celebrates First Coke at Posco’s 7.6m Battery 6A

JMH is thrilled to celebrate the achievement of the 1st Coke at Posco Pohang No 6A 7.6m Coke Oven Battery. This achievement stands as a testament to the remarkable collaboration with our partners and underscores POSCO’s steadfast dedication to adopting cutting-edge technologies for environmental sustainability, unmanned operation, and enhanced productivity. John M Henderson scope for

JMH Unveils Next-Generation Double Intelligent Extractor for ArcelorMittal Dofasco

JMH has recently secured an order from ArcelorMittal Dofasco to design and supply a state-of-the-art Door Extractor that will transform the Coke Oven Door Extraction function. The innovative extractor will feature Double Intelligent Tilt and Lean Functions technology, setting a new standard in efficiency for the removal and replacement of coke oven doors. The Double

JMH Smokeless Telescopes selected in Korea to replace competitor technology

Hyundai Steel Corporation have awarded JMH an order for Smokeless Charge Car Telescopes to be retrofitted on an existing Charge Car at Hyundai Dangjin Works in Korea. The JMH Smokeless Telescopes will replace the existing technology, considered by Hyundai as not able to provide adequate environmental performance for their plant. JMH is working alongside their

CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert Services

JMH is pleased to share the exciting news that our engineers have attained the esteemed designation of CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Experts. This achievement enables us to seamlessly integrate machinery safety expertise into our services. The CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert qualification, provided by Pilz and TÜV NORD, is internationally recognized and signifies

How JMH is contributing to Safer Coke making

The October 2019 issue of Steel Times International features an article documenting the impact of JMH Manless Coke Oven Machines on health and safety, efficiency and productivity of coke making operations. Based on JMH case studies and analysis, automated coke oven machines perform coke making functions in the hazardous environment of the coke oven plant

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