Category: Coke Oven Machine Technology

POSCO to install 6 JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners at COB 1 and COB 6 in Pohang

Great momentum for the JMH High Pressure Water Jet Door Cleaners over the past 6 months as POSCO have ordered 6 JMH Cleaners for Pusher Machines and Transfer Cars at Coke Oven Batteries 1 and 6 in Pohang, South Korea. JMH is working alongside its long-established Korean partner Chungwon Metal Co for the execution and

TATA UK Coke Side Dedusting System in Smokeless Operation

A new JMH Battery Pushing Emission Control Solution is being commissioned at Morfa Coke Works of Tata Steel in the UK. The new JMH Coke Side Pollution Control System, comprising of a Dust Hood Machine and a large diameter interconnecting Duct integrated with an existing ground-based Filter Plant, is designed to extract all dust and

Coke Oven Machine Technologies in the Times of Covid-19 and Beyond

The May-June 2020 issue of Steel Times International features an article by JMH, which highlights a number of technologies and systems meant to enable coke makers to navigate the health and economical challenges of the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. Like many other industries, the coke making industry must prepare itself to operate under the new