In January 2019 John M Henderson have successfully completed the Final Acceptance Testing of two JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners on the Baoshan Iron and Steel 6.0 metre coke oven batteries in Shanghai.

The JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners were adopted by Baosteel to replace their existing door cleaners mounted on the Pusher Machine and Guide Car as part of their Phase 3 Battery Optimisation Project.

The completion of the FAT represents that the expected operational and environmental targets have been accomplished successfully, as per schedule.

The JMH Door Cleaners are now in full operation, performing a very efficient and effective cleaning of the tough carbon and tar deposits on the coke oven doors, providing Zero Emission Doors, enabling door seals protection and smooth door replacement.

Over the past decades, John M Henderson has designed, manufactured and installed more than 100 Water Jet Door Cleaners in Canada, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Italy, Korea, Argentina, Slovakia, India, France, Australia, USA and China.

JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners in Baosteel