JMH has been appointed by Tata Steel to develop an Automation System that will provide “Manless Operation” for the existing Locomotives at the Morfa Coke Ovens to enable them to operate in fully automatic mode, with no operator on board.

The JMH Automation System is developing new and updated controls for the two Quench Cars Locos as well as for seven other machines and areas on the battery.

The project, which is now being commissioned, also includes the automation of the coke spillage process by installing new Coke Spillage Devices to collect the coke spillage from door removal and pushing operations.

John M Henderson has been a world leader of automation systems for coke oven machines for many decades.  John M Henderson Automation solutions can be applied both to new and existing equipment;  JMH Automation experts having a wide experience in the installation of mechanical, control and communication equipment on all type of coke oven machines to enable remote control with no operator on board.  These machines are monitored from a control room overlooking battery operations.