John M Henderson have launched a new coke oven machinery service: the on-site Expert Inspections

The Objective of the inspection services is to provide coke plants with a clear understanding of the condition of their existing coke oven machinery equipment and offer real solutions for how to increase performance and reliability and drastically reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The JMH Expert Team have recently completed a four-month Inspection for Tata Steel, Morfa Coke Ovens in Port Talbot and another on-site Inspection is currently in development at Tata Steel (now British Steel) in Scunthorpe, Appleby Coke Ovens.

JMH Expert Inspection at Morfa Coke Ovens

The JMH Machines Specialist team was involved in the Battery Machines Reliability Project of the Morfa Coke Ovens with the scope of improving the overall battery machines’ stability and provide the regularity needed to prolong the life of the machines. By investigating and analyzing everyday operation of all coke oven machinery and auxiliary equipment, JMH was able to identify performance related issues and recommend appropriate steps to improve structural integrity and performance and to raise machines’ performance to the required level of operational reliability.

JMH Expert Inspection at Appleby Coke Ovens

The JMH Expert team is involved in identifying, planning, preparing and executing the Machine Reliability Plan, aimed at getting the machines to reliable and sustainable standards.

Main Responsibilities of the JMH Expert Team:

  • Supervise everyday operation of all coke oven machinery (Charging machines, Pusher machines, Coke guide machines, Coke Cars, including auxiliary equipment) in order to recommend solutions to improve efficiency of operations and maintenance performance
  • Provide expert recommendation for maintenance personnel to improve overall maintenance performance
  • Analyse and identify performance related issues on all coke oven machines and recommend appropriate steps to prevent loss
  • Analyse all opportunities and recommend ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs of operation of coke oven machinery
  • Analyse and identify methods to improve housekeeping through efficient coaching and monitoring